Will King Charles Consider Abdicating Throne Amid Cancer Battle?

12th February, 2024

King Charles, following a cancer diagnosis shortly after prostate surgery, is currently recuperating at home, sparking questions about the monarchy’s future.

Photo: The Royal Family

Speculations have arisen regarding a potential abdication, akin to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, with the throne possibly passing to his elder son, Prince William. Royal history instructor Carolyn Harris shared her insights, noting that any abdication would likely only occur under extreme circumstances. She emphasized that peaceful abdications are rare in Britain, stating, “In Britain, you don’t see peaceful abdications.”

Harris suggested that King Charles would likely continue his duties unless facing severe illness, influenced by the examples set by his parents to persevere. She added, “They will have had a huge impact on him to carry on with this until the end of his life.”

While there is speculation, many royal experts concur that King Charles is unlikely to abdicate the throne.