Why Churails banned in Pakistan?

08th October, 2020
Why Churails banned in Pakistan?
Why Churails banned in Pakistan?

Censored Churails – The slow death of diversified perspectives

The often apprehended moral threat coming from the web-series “Churails’ has been the reason to ban it for Pakistan based viewers from an Indian-based platform Zee5.  However, from directors to artists and even the audience is not happy about it.

Asim Abbas in his latest tweet expressed his outrage towards it. “How strange for #Churails to be lauded internationally, and now be shut down in its country of origin. In the very country where hundreds of artists came together to create something that could initiate dialogue and open doors for new narratives. Artistic freedom is squashed because it is wrongly perceived by some as a moral threat. Predictable, and yet, still disappointing. For this is not just my loss. This is a loss for women and marginalized communities that this show meant to re-represent”.

Several other artists also depict their support like Sarwat Gillani, Osman Khalid Butt, and Sanam Saeed with their tweets.

However, many of the spectators think that moral policing of the content especially when they provide the difference of opinion, initiate dialogue, and give groundbreaking narratives need to set some boundaries.  

The series feature Sarwat, Yasra Rizvi, Nimra Bucha, Meher Bano, and Omair Rana as the leading roles of the ones appeared to be Churails for the stereotyped society breeding on patriarchal mindset.

Many believed that the action was taken after the clip of Hina Khawaja Bayat’s character that showed indecency and intimacy

Thereby, overshadowing the most appreciated dialogue from Sarwat Gillani