Who Is Ana Montealegre? All About an Aspiring Influencer

11th June, 2024

Ana Montealegre, born on August 31, 2003, in Angleton, Texas, is an aspiring influencer known for her recent attempt to collaborate with Halfsies Cookie Company. Ana’s parents, Elizabeth Montealegre and Alex Montez, have played significant roles in her life. Her mother, Elizabeth, studied Christian Caregiving Counseling at Oral Roberts University alongside Ana, while her father, Alex, serves as a Senior Pastor at La Vida Regional Cuadrangular. Ana also has a sister, Alyssa Arroyos, who holds a master’s degree in Christian Ministries from Oral Roberts University.

Photo: Dailymail

Background of Ana Montealegre

Ana began her educational journey at Angleton High School. Following her high school graduation, she pursued higher education at Oral Roberts University, where she earned a degree in Psychology/Christian Caregiving & Counseling. Her academic background has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to support her aspirations in both her personal and professional life.

Aspiring Influencer

As an aspiring influencer, Ana Montealegre has collaborated with various small brands. However, her recent attempt to partner with Halfsies Cookie Company ahead of her wedding led to an unexpected public rejection. Ana emailed the popular New York cookie brand, proposing a collaboration that would provide free cookies for her bridal party boxes. This move, however, did not receive the response she had hoped for, highlighting the challenges influencers face in their pursuit of brand partnerships.

Personal Life of Ana Montealegre

Ana Montealegre is set to marry her fiancé, Roman Bosquez, in 2025. The couple, who got engaged on May 4, 2024, has been together since January 16, 2023. Roman is also a student at Oral Roberts University, with plans to graduate in 2025. Their shared educational background and commitment to their faith have been key aspects of their relationship.

Future Prospects

At 20 years old, Ana Montealegre stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall, embodying the spirit and drive of a young influencer determined to make her mark. Despite the setback with Halfsies Cookie Company, Ana’s journey is just beginning. With her strong educational background, supportive family, and a growing presence on social media, Ana is poised to navigate the challenges ahead and achieve her goals in the influencer world.