Watch: Sanam Jung’s Emotional Video on Missing Home

12th February, 2024

Sanam Jung is an exceptionally talented and beautiful television personality hailing from Pakistan, who has left an indelible mark on the country’s media landscape through her exceptional performances and dedicated work ethic.

Beginning her journey as a music VJ on Play TV and Aag TV, Sanam Jung swiftly garnered attention, emerging as a prominent television host, model, and actress. She gained widespread recognition through her memorable roles in acclaimed dramas such as “Dil E Muztar,” “Alwida,” “Mere Humdam Mere Dost,” and “Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai.”

More recently, she has expanded her repertoire with notable projects like hosting Bol TV’s popular quiz show and starring in acclaimed drama serials like “Pyari Mona” and “Dhoka.”

Sanam Jung relocated to Houston last year due to her husband’s job, where she is currently cherishing precious moments with her husband and daughter. However, despite the joy of being with her immediate family, she can’t help but feel the absence of her home, parents, and country.

Recently, she shared a poignant video expressing her emotions about being away from home. In the video, she shared a heartfelt voiceover, saying, “We have ventured far from our ‘Home,’ and we understand that returning isn’t easy.”

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Sanam Jung received heartfelt support from her media friends during her moments of homesickness. Imran Abbas, Hareem Farooq, Ghana Ali, Sidra Batool, Azfar Rehman, and Nadia Jamil expressed their warm sentiments on her post, offering consolation and showing solidarity.