Watch: Imam ul Haq’s Snowy Vacation with Wife Anmol Mehmood

12th February, 2024

Imam ul Haq, a prominent cricketer, has frequently made headlines, whether due to controversies or persistent allegations of favoritism, despite his dedicated efforts.

Recently, his marriage to Anmol Mehmood garnered widespread attention as all the wedding festivities became viral sensations on social media platforms.

He tied the knot with Anmol, a Pakistani doctor based in Norway, and their wedding was extravagant. It’s common to see Anmol accompanying her husband, Imam, on their travels, and currently, they’re enjoying a weekend getaway in the snow-capped mountains.

Both are maintaining their impeccable style even in this wintry setting. Take a look at these snapshots of Imam and Anmol from their snowy vacation.

Take a look below

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