Veteran Pakistani Actor Rashid Mehmood’s Tearful Video Touches Fans Deeply

29th June, 2024

Veteran Pakistani actor Rashid Mehmood, known for his compelling portrayals in negative roles on television, recently shared a heartbreaking moment when he broke down over an exorbitant electricity bill. Speaking in an emotional interview with Moeen Zubair on YouTube, Rashid Mehmood poured out his anguish.

In his own words, Rashid Mehmood revealed, “I’m Rashid Mehmood, you all know me. Look at this electricity bill I received, 45 thousand rupees for just 701 units. I’ve survived four heart attacks, and now I ask Allah, ‘Why did you keep me alive to see this? How can I pay such a bill?’ Our politicians live in luxury while the public suffers with heavy bills and economic hardship. There’s barely any work, and we’re struggling to get by.”

Expressing his deep moral conflict, Rashid Mehmood continued, “I’ve chosen to stay honest despite the temptations to join the corrupt. I have to answer to Allah. It’s a painful situation; I feel I was born in the wrong country. This is the reward we get for our hard work. It hurts, and I worry for my family’s future. I wish I could have lived a better life abroad. We’ve given our all to Pakistan. Oh Allah, have mercy on us.”

His heartfelt plea has struck a chord with social media users, resonating widely as a poignant reflection of the economic struggles faced by many in Pakistan today.