Unveiling Andrew Garfield’s New Love Interest: Meet Kate Tomas

02nd April, 2024

In a recent sighting, actor Andrew Garfield was spotted holding hands with spiritual reader Kate Tomas, sparking speculation about a potential new romance. Here’s what we know about the woman who caught Garfield’s attention.

Photo: Reddit

Kate Tomas Background

Kate Tomas hails from the United Kingdom, where she developed her intuitive abilities from a young age. Raised in the U.K., Tomas pursued a degree in classics before embarking on a spiritual apprenticeship at the age of 19. She eventually transitioned to studying philosophy at Oxford University, where she spent five years earning her degree in theology.

Magickal Practice & Mentorship

Tomas is not only a spiritual practitioner but also a mentor who founded a group mentorship program aimed at teaching her practices to females and non-binary individuals. Her journey led her to incorporate her strong understanding of energy work and ritual magic into her teachings. With a background in Solomonic magic, she offers mentorship sessions and readings to clients, including notable figures like Lena Dunham and Megan Mullally.

Authorship & Publications

In 2019, Tomas published a book titled “Chakra Crystals,” which serves as a guide for meditation using crystals associated with the body’s chakras. The book provides insights into how to harness the power of meditation-based crystal healing for personal growth and restoration. Accompanied by seven crystals, “Chakra Crystals” offers practical guidance for those seeking to explore the realm of meditation and energy work.

Kate Tomas & Andrew Garfield

Garfield and Tomas were first linked romantically in March 2024 when they were spotted on a double date with Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham in Malibu, California. Despite Garfield’s penchant for privacy regarding his personal life, the public sighting has ignited curiosity about the nature of their relationship. Both dressed casually for the outing, with Garfield sporting a gray sweater and Tomas opting for a floral dress.