Umar Akmal’s Take on Fitness Leaves Netizens Confused

11th June, 2024

Pakistani cricket is facing challenging times once again, leaving fans disgruntled with the current state of affairs. Amidst this turmoil, Umar Akmal seems determined to uplift the spirits of the fans. With growing concerns over the fitness of cricketers, many players have come under scrutiny. Although Umar Akmal has not been active in the team, he has something to say to those questioning his fitness.

To address these concerns, Umar Akmal took to social media to share shirtless pictures, showcasing his physique and fitness level. His impressive poses and evident fitness have left fans bewildered. Accompanying the photos, he posted a caption to assert his fitness to the world.


Despite not being part of the team, Umar Akmal’s display of fitness aims to silence critics and prove that he remains in peak physical condition. His bold move on social media has sparked conversations and drawn attention, leaving fans curious and intrigued. It seems that Umar Akmal is keen on demonstrating that he is ready and capable. Responding to the photos shared by the cricketer, social media users turned to the comment section and expressed their opinions. One wrote, “Have you forgotten about your bicep exercise?” Another wrote, “Thanks to artificial intelligence.”