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With the dawn of unprecedented times, a lot of Pakistanis have ended up with a routine that is not only quiet surprising, but has the tendency to become a bit boring. Meeting your friends and peers have never been harder and social distancing is the new trend and rightly so! To ensure that these times are not plagued by negativity, BOL Entertainment has come up with yet another unique concept. A concept which is defined by a single phrase:
‘A Radio Show on TV!’

For the very first time, viewers are able to watch a Radio Show on their Television Screen, and if you’re expecting the usual Radio Programming, that is not just it. In the Katakat Show, Mr. BOL Bachan is playing some hilarious pranks by calling any individual selected by any viewer and presenting them with unavoidable, yet funny situations on the phone that certainly tests the victim’s patience and gives fits of laughter to the viewers.

Viewers are invited to ask Mr. BOL Bachan to play a call prank on their favourite individual by sending their requests on BOL Entertainment’s WhatsApp Number. Together with Mr. BOL Bachan, viewers also play the ultimate call prank which promises to be very entertaining such as fake Prize Bond winning news, or asking for some unusual favors. Mr. BOL Bachan will also be joined by Pakistan’s biggest celebrities to play pranks on their peers too!

Watch Katakat Show every Tuesday at 7:00 PM only on BOL Entertainment.

You can also WhatsApp your call prank request to us on 0337 – 7777739