The Woman Behind Stephen Colletti’s Heart: Unveiling Alex Weaver

15th April, 2024

Stephen Colletti, known for his role on One Tree Hill, found love with Alex Weaver in 2021. Their romance culminated in a picturesque engagement in Rome, Italy, exactly two years after their first date. Colletti’s penchant for romantic gestures adds a fairy tale quality to their relationship, with surprises and thoughtful commemorations marking their journey.

Photo: People

Meet Alex Weaver

Alex Weaver hails from North Carolina, where she was born and raised. Graduating from Clemson University in 2016, she holds a degree in communication and media studies. Weaver’s roots in NASCAR run deep, as she now works as a host and reporter for the racing brand. Her passion for motorsports stems from her grandfather, making her career choice a tribute to his memory.

Alex Weaver & Stephen Colletti Connection

Born in December 1993, Weaver is a Capricorn, adding an astrological dimension to her personality. Colletti’s affectionate birthday tribute to his fiancée underscores their astrological connection, as he lovingly celebrates her during the “engagement season” of their relationship.

Italy, Surprises, & Forever Yes

Colletti’s proposal in Rome’s Giardino degli Aranci park epitomizes their love story’s romantic essence. Weaver’s recounting of the proposal reveals Colletti’s meticulous planning, from ensuring her readiness for the moment to orchestrating a magical post-proposal dinner. Their engagement announcement on Instagram captures the joy and anticipation of their journey towards forever.

Alex Weaver Personal Life

Weaver’s professional accomplishments extend beyond her role in NASCAR, as seen in her interview with Kristin Cavallari for The InField. Her admiration for Cavallari underscores her professional respect and affirms her ability to navigate connections within the industry. Colletti’s endearing nickname for Weaver as his “adventure partner” hints at their shared experiences and the excitement awaiting them beyond their engagement.