Shehzad Roy expresses admiration for women working at petrol pump

29th June, 2024

Shehzad Roy, a well-known Pakistani musician and social activist, recently shared a heartwarming story on X (formerly Twitter) about his experience at a local petrol station.

In a video he posted, Roy captured a moment where a female attendant was filling his bike’s tank—a role typically dominated by men in Pakistan. Roy made sure to mention that he had obtained the attendant’s permission before filming.

“While I was refueling my bike and getting ready to take off my helmet, I heard a female voice asking, ‘Nice bike, sir. Full tank?’ It was such a pleasant surprise,” Roy recounted in his tweet. He went on to express his admiration for the two female attendants, describing them as his role models and a source of inspiration for believing in Pakistan.

He also shared it on his Instagram handle.


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Roy’s story not only sheds light on the gender biases prevalent in male-dominated sectors but also underscores the importance of women’s presence in public spaces across Pakistan. His appreciation for the female attendant reflects his broader commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Beyond his music career, Shehzad Roy is renowned for his activism, particularly in advocating for girls’ education through his non-profit organization, Zindagi Trust. The organization actively supports government girls’ schools and runs campaigns to raise awareness about the significance of educating girls for the country’s development.