Rufi’s soulful voice to give competition to Ravi Shankar

03rd February, 2021

Do you remember who Ravi Shankar is? If so, then get ready to forget him, as the soulful voice of Naeem Abbas Rufi in Bol Beats’ Shah-e-Madina is all set to leave you amazed.

Ravi Shankar was a virtuoso and composer of the Indian Sitar. His name was also followed by Pandit’s title. He was the most influential sitar proponent in the second half of the 20th century and influenced many other musicians around the world.

Well who remembers the 20th century? The beautiful recitation of the naat Shah-e-Madina by Rufi has already made the statement. The soulful voice of Rufi will bring you closer to the Lord and to His beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Shah-e-Madina is the praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), by whom the entire world has been created by the Almighty.

You’ll forget Ravi Shankar after listening to BOL Beats’ Shah-e-Madina, if you still recognize him.

Shah-e-BOL Madina’s Beats version is one of its kind, leaving all the Indian singers far behind.

Directly in your heart and mind, the composition, music, soulfulness, and all about the naat will make its place.

BOL Beats:

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