Royal Expert Weighs In: Trump’s Take on Prince Harry Sparks Debate

25th February, 2024

Angela Levin, a prominent royal commentator known for her critical stance on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, has shared her perspective on the comments made by former US President Donald Trump regarding the Duke of Sussex.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, the royal author said: “Whatever you think of Donald Trump and his way of criticizing individuals, he hugely respected the late Queen Elizabeth.”

Angela Levin also conveyed Donald Trump’s comments regarding Prince Harry.

“This is his view of Prince Harry: “I wouldn’t protect him. He betrayed the Queen. That’s unforgivable. He would be on his own if it was down to me,” she further tweeted.

Earlier, Donald Trump said Harry would be “on his own” if he wins a second term this year after claiming the Duke of Sussex “betrayed the Queen”.

The ex-president delivered these remarks during his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

Additionally, Trump criticized the Biden administration for being “excessively accommodating” towards Harry since his relocation to California with Meghan Markle in 2020.