NABEEL zafar

President & CEO, BOL Entertainment

Nabeel is one of the most accomplished all-rounders in Pakistan's entertainment industry.

A man who can best be described as the 'Gates of Pakistan's Entertainment Industry', dropout-turned-actor Nabeel sacrificed his education on the altar of his dreams and went on to conquer the entertainment industry. Over the course of the past two decades, he has proven his mettle in every field of entertainment, be it acting, production or direction.

Nabeel began his acting career with theatre in 1990. After enthralling audiences as a stage actor for two years, Nabeel moved on to television serials. He also did a stint in acting with the feature film, Fatah. Currently, he is also the CEO of MIF productions. Nabeel holds the unique honor of acting as well as producing the most watched sitcom in Pakistan's history - Bulbulay.

An Accomplished


Nabeel proved early on in his career that he was willing to give the greatest sacrifice to pursue his dreams. His first show, Din, which aired on PTV in 1992, immediately found favor with audiences. Nabeel then went on to give viewers several remarkable performances through his heroic-cum-tragic characters. He has proved his remarkable talent in every field of entertainment by rising to never-ending heights of success and achievement in the field.

A Multi-talented


Nabeel is one of the few multi-talented Pakistani artists who have established their acting credentials in both serious and comic roles. He has had a number of successful sitcoms and soaps to his credit and he is well known among the acting fraternity as a committed, hard-working and professional artist. A humble human being, Nabeel is well and truly a jewel in the crown of the country's thriving entertainment industry.

An Actor Par


Nabeel's work in PTV's Dhuwan in 1995 won the hearts of millions around the globe and propelled him into the limelight as an actor who meant business. He has built a rich portfolio through several widely watched shows, including Ajayeb Khana, Kashish, Daldal, Uraan and Des Pardes, which found immense favor with the audiences. He also hosted 75 shows of the immensely popular political satire, Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain.

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