Penelope Cruz’s Hollywood Confession: A Patient Star Shines

25th February, 2024

Penelope Cruz revealed insights into her preferred acting sensation while gracing the 2024 SAG Awards red carpet.

In interviews with Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine, the Pirates of the Caribbean star shared, “I recently crossed paths with Meryl again.”

“And she’s the one that I always rush to hug. She’s always so sweet and so kind. She’s my favorite actress of all time,” she also confessed.

Penelope Cruz had shared similar sentiments in a prior conversation with Deadline.

At that time, the Spanish actress told the outlet, “Meryl Streep. I’m always begging my agents to take me to her set, just to bring her coffee or anything.”

“Every time I see her, I run to hug her. And she’s so patient because every time I act like this is the first time I do it,” she also claimed about the 74-year-old star.

Expressing disbelief over her mention by Meryl at the 3rd annual Academy Museum Gala, Penelope said, “It was like she knows that I exist, you know? She is my number one, number one hero, and would love to work with her,” after which she signed off from the chat.