Palace Shake-Up: Prince Harry’s Move Away from Meghan

25th February, 2024

Prince Harry’s decision to step back from joint endeavors with Meghan Markle has ignited speculation about a significant divergence.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser shed light on this development in her recent piece for, offering insights into the unfolding situation.

The expert began her thoughts by saying, “The start of 2023 saw Harry release his super-sized serve of feelings, Spare and undertake the attendant publicity onslaught solo, but hey.”

“It was his tale, his truth, his journey,” essentially.

At the time “Meghan going AWOL from his side seemed like a temporary recalibration” even, the expert noted in her piece.

“But then came … the diverging” because “the last nine months have seen Harry and Meghan drift off on different work paths, with the duchess joining the books of the biggest of Hollywood whales, agents WME in April and” hypothetically “Harry learning how to fix a shed” in the eyes of the author.

For those unversed, this comes several months after it was revealed that “their Spotify deal is long since dead and buried and their Netflix deal is looking increasingly like it’s about to get its last rites.”