Old footage of Ali Zafar with Bollywood actresses goes viral on social media

29th June, 2024

A video featuring renowned Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar alongside Bollywood actresses Shraddha Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra has recently gone viral, generating widespread conversations on social media. The clip, filmed a few years ago, captures Kapoor and Chopra enthusiastically praising Zafar’s talent and charisma during an interview with an Indian journalist when Zafar, playfully known as “Naughty Ali,” suddenly makes a surprise appearance on camera.

In the video, Zafar’s unexpected interruption causes Kapoor to momentarily pause the interview. However, once the interaction resumes, both Kapoor and Chopra continue their admiration for Zafar, commending his impressive skills and engaging personality.

Despite the playful tone of the video, it has also reignited discussions about past allegations against Zafar. Some social media users have brought up the accusations made by singer Meesha Shafi during the #MeToo movement, where she alleged that Zafar had sexually harassed her on multiple occasions.

Zafar responded to these accusations by filing a defamation lawsuit, claiming that Shafi’s allegations were baseless and had caused significant damage to his reputation and emotional distress to his family. This resurfaced controversy has added a layer of complexity to the discussions sparked by the viral video, drawing attention not only to Zafar’s friendly interactions with Kapoor and Chopra but also to the serious allegations he has faced.