Naumaan Ijaz Responds to Fans Comparing His Style to Ranveer Singh

08th June, 2024

Naumaan Ijaz, the experienced actor, recently sparked a buzz on social media by sharing a snapshot of himself donning a traditional black outfit on his Instagram handle.

Some fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Bollywood sensation Ranveer Singh, renowned for his flamboyant fashion choices. Humorously responding to the speculation, the “Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila” star playfully retorted, “He follows me, dear,” showcasing his wit and charm.


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Engaging actively with his followers, Naumaan Ijaz addressed queries and comments with promptness and humor. When asked if Ranveer had commented on his post, he dismissed the notion, highlighting Ranveer’s busy schedule. Additionally, amidst speculation about his attire being for a Turkish show, Naumaan clarified that Turkish producers weren’t investing in Pakistani actors due to budget constraints.

Despite Turkey’s disinterest, Naumaan has garnered acclaim for his recent role in the web series “Mrs & Mr Shameem,” where he portrays Shameem opposite Saba Qamar’s Umaima. Released in March 2022, the series, revolving around a non-conforming couple, has resonated with audiences, with fans praising Naumaan’s portrayal of the effeminate Shammo. One commenter commended his performance, affirming that he had done justice to his role in the show.