Nabeel Zafar On Indian Content Being Aired in Pakistan

29th June, 2024

Nabeel Zafar, a multifaceted actor, host, and producer, recently appeared on the ‘FHM Podcast,’ where he discussed his stance on Indian content being aired in Pakistan. Zafar clarified that his issue is not with Indian content itself but with the lack of reciprocity in the entertainment industry between the two countries.

“I am not against Indian content but my point is, they don’t buy our work,” Zafar explained. He pointed out the stark difference in market sizes, with India’s 1.5 billion population compared to Pakistan’s 25 crore. “At the very least, they should buy our content in proportion to their population,” he argued.

Zafar emphasized the hospitality and generosity of Pakistanis, noting how Indian visitors are often not charged by local shopkeepers and how Pakistani actors have been warmly received in India. However, he stressed the need for mutual exchange. “If we show their movies in our cinemas, they should also screen our films, even if they don’t do well,” he said. He lamented the closure of Zee Zindagi, a channel that used to air Pakistani dramas, as an example of the lack of support for Pakistani content in India.

Nabeel Zafar  also touched on the broader issues affecting the Pakistani entertainment industry, stating, “We have talent, but corruption has held us back. It’s time for a change.” His call for a more balanced exchange of cultural content underscores the need for both countries to support and appreciate each other’s artistic contributions.