Meet the Man by Lisa Bluder’s Side: An Insight into David Bluder

03rd April, 2024

David Bluder and Lisa Bluder’s love story began in 1979 when Lisa was working at David’s parents’ restaurant. David’s mother played the role of matchmaker, introducing them based on Lisa’s bubbly personality and charm. This chance encounter laid the foundation for a lifelong partnership that has stood the test of time.

Photo: People

Lisa & David Bluder Marriage

In 1984, after years of courtship, Lisa and David exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey as husband and wife. Their wedding was a joyous occasion, a testament to their enduring love and commitment to each other. As they approach their 40th anniversary, their bond continues to grow stronger with each passing year.

Building a Family

Over the years, Lisa and David have been blessed with three children: daughters Hannah and Emma, and son David Jr. Their family is the cornerstone of their lives, bringing them immense joy and fulfillment. From supporting their children’s academic and athletic endeavors to fostering a loving and nurturing home environment, the Bluder Bunch is a testament to the power of family unity.

Overcoming Adversity

In 1997, tragedy struck when David was involved in a life-threatening accident that left him in a coma for three days. Despite the challenges they faced, Lisa and David emerged stronger than ever, united in their determination to overcome adversity. David’s decision to prioritize his role as a father underscored the depth of his love and devotion to his family, inspiring awe and admiration from all who know them.

David Bluder as an Author

Following his accident, David embarked on a new chapter in his life, pursuing his passion for writing. In 2020, he achieved a lifelong dream with the publication of his novel, “The Great Gamble.” Lisa’s unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in David’s success, providing him with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. As they continue to navigate life’s twists and turns together, the Bluders serve as an inspiring example of love, resilience, and unwavering commitment.