Lily Gladstone Spills the Beans on Emma Stone’s Private Texts

25th February, 2024

Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone are said to have forged a strong connection. Over the weekend, the star of “Killers of the Flower Moon” clinched the Best Female Actor in a Leading Role award at the 2024 SAG Awards.

Extra reports that, during the event, she was questioned about her bond with Emma Stone, who was also a nominee in the same category. In reply, the Oscar-nominated actress effusively praised the “La La Land” sensation, stating, “She is truly the best.”

Revealing Emma’s text ethics, the 37-year-old star said, “Like, just being goofy through texts.”

She went on to confess, “As a lot of people point out, we’re both Stones.”

“So I just pointed out, ‘Yay Infinity Stones to infinity and beyond,’ you know, just being goofy with whatever, and then the next day, I have an infinity stones ring show up from her and she’s got the matching one, so feeling that level of support,” she continued.

The acclaimed actress also asserted that the two Stones, referring to herself and Emma Stone, share a strong sense of relatability.

“She’s been through this wringer more than a few times, you know, and it’s been nice to just connect with somebody who takes it in stride, feels exactly the things you’re feeling,” she also mentioned.

“Just all the actresses in the categories that we’ve been in the same class, in the same room with, talking process… it’s been a real gift,” Lily observed about the Poor Things hitmaker after which she started a new discussion.