King Frederik, Queen Mary Prepare to Mark Important Date in May

08th April, 2024

As King Frederik and Queen Mary prepare for their official overseas tour since ascending to the Danish throne in January, speculation abounds regarding their upcoming trip to Norway. The royal couple, set to embark on a state visit, will also be celebrating a significant romantic milestone—their 20th wedding anniversary on May 14, as reported by GB News.

Their love story, marked by a chance encounter at Sydney’s Slip Inn pub during the 2000 Olympics, culminated in a grand ceremony at Copenhagen Cathedral in 2004.

However, their marital bliss was marred by rumors of Frederik’s alleged affair with a Mexican socialite. At a time when their union seemed fragile, a surprising move by Queen Margrethe to abdicate her throne reportedly played a pivotal role in bringing the couple back together.

Royal author and expert Phil Dampier remarked, “It’s possible that the Queen took this action because she would have been terrified of the marriage breaking up and the royal family losing Mary.” He continued, “The Queen has always seen Mary as a tremendous asset.”

The timing of Queen Margrethe’s announcement, just months after the affair rumors surfaced, raised eyebrows, suggesting a strategic move to safeguard the royal family’s stability amidst turbulent times. As King Frederik and Queen Mary embark on their tour, their enduring love story serves as a testament to resilience and commitment amidst royal trials and triumphs.