Is Sabrina Carpenter’s latest track copy of Nazia Hassan’s ‘Disco Deewane’?

13th June, 2024

The recent spotlight turned to Sabrina Carpenter, the 23-year-old American pop sensation, with the release of her latest track, “Please Please Please,” which has quickly won over fans worldwide. Yet, across Pakistani social media, attentive listeners and music enthusiasts noticed something familiar in Carpenter’s song – a resemblance to the iconic 1980s hit “Disco Deewane” by the late Pakistani pop legend Nazia Hassan and her brother, Zoheb Hassan.

The debate gained traction when influencer-model Anzela Abbasi shared a comparison reel on Instagram, playfully remarking, “She’s channeling her inner Nazia Hassan.” This sparked a spirited conversation among her followers, with one commenter asserting, “It’s not just a sample, it’s plagiarism! Someone should take legal action!” Another chimed in, agreeing, “The similarity is striking.”

However, not everyone was convinced. “Isn’t it possible that it’s just a coincidence?” pondered one skeptic. Others disagreed, stating they didn’t see any significant similarity between the two songs.

While the debate continues over whether Carpenter’s song pays tribute to Nazia Hassan’s legacy or unintentionally mirrors it, one thing is clear – it has brought together passionate fans from different corners of the world, all united by their love for infectious pop tunes.