Indian composer admits ‘Aashiqui’ songs were copied from Pakistan

13th June, 2024

“Aashiqui” remains a beloved Bollywood film celebrated for its timeless music. Starring Rahul Roy and Annu Aggarwal, the movie’s soundtrack, crafted by the renowned composer duo Nadeem-Sharavan, continues to captivate audiences across South Asia.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Lalit Pandit, part of the famed Jatin-Lalit composer duo, delved into the nuances of Bollywood’s music culture. He emphasized the importance of authenticity in their compositions and raised concerns about Nadeem-Sharavan’s practices. According to Lalit Pandit, the duo allegedly sourced Pakistani cassettes during trips to Dubai, which they then adapted into their own songs without proper attribution. This practice, he claimed, was well-known within the industry and purportedly extended to their work on the music for “Aashiqui.”

Lalit Pandit’s revelations shed light on the controversial aspects of music creation in Bollywood, highlighting the challenges of maintaining originality in a competitive industry. Despite the success of “Aashiqui” and other films they composed for, questions regarding the authenticity of their compositions have persisted among Bollywood’s music circles.