HSY Urges Media to Stop Celebrating Indian Celebrities

25th February, 2024

HSY stands out as one of Pakistan’s foremost designers and brand owners. He has cultivated a distinct identity, excelling in various roles such as designer, speaker, actor, and philanthropist.

HSY’s deep-rooted patriotism is evident in his dedication to promoting Pakistan’s reputation on the global stage.

In a conversation with the FHM podcast, HSY expressed the profound significance of Pakistan in his life, emphasizing that his top priority is to bring pride to the country.

Despite having the means to leave, he affirmed his commitment to remain in Pakistan. HSY stressed the importance of instilling hope in the young population, noting that Pakistan is currently going through a critical period. He called for collective efforts to realize the country’s full potential and restore it to its destined greatness.

Hassan discussed the media’s role in promoting Indians while neglecting Pakistanis. He mentioned that while he harbors no ill feelings towards Indians, they rarely feature Pakistanis in their campaigns or praise them.

He emphasized the need for Pakistanis to turn their attention inward and focus on their own achievements. He also stressed the importance of the media recognizing its role in this issue.