Hiba Bukhari & Arez Ahmed Open Up About Their Family Planning

08th April, 2024

The Pakistani television industry is adorned with stars whose talent illuminates screens and captures hearts. Among these luminaries are Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed, whose journey together began with the hit serial “Bholi Bano” and continued to captivate audiences in various other dramas, including the beloved “Tarap.” Their on-screen chemistry is palpable and off-screen, their bond transcends the realms of friendship.

Recently, the duo graced a Ramadan transmission, where they candidly addressed questions about family planning and dispelled rumors surrounding their parenthood status. Arez Ahmed eloquently expressed that while their families impose no pressure, they often field inquiries from outsiders, humorously recounting an incident where he quipped about having a “baby on YouTube” to an inquisitive aunt. Hiba Bukhari chimed in, shedding light on the absurdity of rumors circulating, including false claims of motherhood and extravagant gifts to her sisters.

Their response showcased not only their wit but also their resilience in the face of unfounded gossip. Both emphasized that only Allah knows the truth of their journey and affirmed their trust in Allah’s timing regarding parenthood. Arez Ahmed tenderly expressed his desire for Hiba to embrace motherhood when the time is right.