Hareem Farooq wants twitterites to stop being judgemental

08th October, 2020

Pakistani celebrities have been facing criticims by the netizens from the beginning. Trollers are always ready to bash them for their clothing, comments, lifestyle, or what not.

Many celebrities try to ignore all the negativity, and many respond to all the trolls with smile and love.

Today, Pakistani actress Hareem Farooq has finally spoken her heart out and expressed her frustration at the judgmental trolls found on Twitter who have become online experts on everything, ultimately curbing freedom of speech.

Taking to her Twitter account, the Parchi actress wrote,

“Bye bye to freedom of speech & tolerance, & hello to online ‘Twitter’courts! I mean who needs courts anymore in a democracy when apparently we have so many online experts on everything! Oh Wait, are we still a democracy according to court of Twitter?Also should i be prepared for my trial for this tweet?”

Hareem Farooq went on to write,

“Also whats the update on motorway rape incident or banning content left right centre needed more attention? Just asking :)”