Find Out Why Rambo Asked Sahiba To Leave Showbiz?

12th February, 2024

Sahiba and Rambo stand out as one of Pakistan’s most beloved celebrity couples. Each with successful individual careers, they remain highly sought-after film stars in the country.

Their union made headlines, particularly because Sahiba decided to marry Rambo during the pinnacle of her career, opting for marriage over her flourishing film work, a decision considered unconventional at the time.

During their appearance on the Masarrat Misbah show, the duo discussed their life choices and delved into the realm of celebrity parenting. Sahiba disclosed that she made the decision to prioritize staying at home after the birth of her two sons.

Emphasizing the significance of a child’s formative years, she expressed her belief in being actively present in her children’s lives during their initial decade. Despite receiving tempting film offers, Sahiba opted to be a dedicated mother and remained at home following her marriage.

Rambo disclosed that during their marriage, there were occasions where he worked for over 20 hours, while Sahiba also maintained a busy schedule.

Recognizing the need to balance their commitments and care for their children, he suggested that Sahiba step back from her work. He expressed gratitude towards Sahiba, acknowledging her significant role as a wonderful mother to their sons and thanking her for her dedication and support.