Fahad Mustafa son Moosa’s 8th Birthday Bash: Photos

12th February, 2024

Fahad Mustafa, a versatile Pakistani artist, gained prominence initially as a television actor before transitioning into hosting with Him Tv. His breakthrough in the film industry came in 2014 with the acclaimed Pakistani movie “Na Maloom Afraad,” which played a pivotal role in revitalizing Pakistani cinema.

Today, he is recognized as a successful actor, producer, and host. Among his notable works are “Na Maloom Afraad 2,” “Actor In Law,” “Quaid E Azam Zindabad,” as well as television dramas like “Kankar,” “Main Abdul Qadir Hoon,” “Main Chaand Si,” and “Dusri Biwi.”

Notably, his hosting of “Jeeto Pakistan” has further cemented his status. Currently, Fahad Mustafa is set to make an appearance in an upcoming television drama.

Recently, Fahad Mustafa commemorated his son Moosa’s 8th birthday with a delightful celebration, attended by family and friends. Among the guests were Fahad Mustafa’s parents and siblings.

The event, expertly organized by Fahad Mustafa and his wife Sana Fahad, featured captivating moments captured in high-definition photographs shared by Sana Fahad.

The birthday boy, Moosa, was also captured in heartwarming pictures alongside his grandmother. Below, we’ve assembled some of the enchanting snapshots from the birthday festivities for you to enjoy.

Take a look below