Exploring the Life of Zach LaVine’s Spouse: Hunter LaVine

03rd April, 2024

Zach LaVine, the rising star of the Chicago Bulls, has a love story that spans over a decade with his wife, Hunter LaVine. Their journey began as high school sweethearts in Washington state, where they met and formed a bond that would withstand the test of time.

Photo: People

Unveiling Hunter LaVine

Hunter LaVine is not just the wife of an NBA player; she’s a multifaceted individual with her own accomplishments. A former athlete herself, Hunter played soccer at Seattle University while pursuing her interest in business. Her athletic background and academic pursuits enrich her role as Zach’s partner and mother to their children.

A Fairytale Proposal & Wedding

In April 2020, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zach surprised Hunter with a heartfelt proposal captured in a touching Instagram video. The couple’s engagement marked a significant milestone in their relationship, leading to their picturesque wedding on October 7, 2021. While details of their nuptials remain private, their love and commitment to each other shine through in every gesture.

Welcoming Saint Thomas & Elijah

The LaVine family expanded with the arrival of their first child, Saint Thomas, in August 2022. Zach’s anticipation of fatherhood was palpable, and the joy of becoming parents was evident in their social media announcements. Less than two years later, they joyously welcomed their second son, Elijah, into the world on March 10, 2024. Hunter’s Instagram serves as a platform to share the joys and challenges of motherhood, offering glimpses into their family life and adventures.

Hunter LaVine as Zach’s Biggest Fan

Hunter’s unwavering support for Zach extends far beyond the basketball court. As Zach achieves milestones in his career, Hunter celebrates his successes with heartfelt messages on social media, embodying the role of his biggest fan. Her active presence on Instagram not only highlights her dedication to her family but also showcases her interests, aspirations, and love for her husband and children.