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Who is a champion and why we are doing this show?

The main objective of this, is to test, how many fans a common person can make by just being him/herself. How people behave when the odds are stacked against them. It’s not just a TV show but also a social experiment, where common People get a platform and an Identity, a chance to turn ordinary into extraordinary, gain fans from around the world, and test their character and resolve when they are put in unfair situations created by none other than the dare maestro, Waqar Zaka.

What is the point of taking Auditions?

It’s a “Stress Test”, contestant are selected on the basis of,

  • how entertaining their personality is.
  • how daring they can be in any situation.
  • how willing they are to disclose everything about their real life in front of millions of viewers?
  • how cool the contestant is when faced with constant insults? Because if contestant is not strong at heart, then the ‘fright for respect’ might result in heart failure!


16 selected contestants, stay for 10 to 20 days, where their sense of understanding each other, friendship & betrayal is tested along with the mind games played by Waqar Zaka.


  1. A show for people who think their personality is so impressive that others will become their fans. A show where we will test how smartly a person will react in an unfair situation. Situations can be from making more friends in a given time to convincing unknown people to act as you want, etc.
  2. Dare is a part of this show but it’s not just a dare show.
  3. Being honest in front of the camera & confidence is the key.
  4. No age Limit.
  5. Whether you live in USA, India or any other part of the world, you can participate.
  6. People who send their Video introduction on our WHATSAPP Number will be given first priority to give auditions.
  7. Pick up your Mobile phone; record your introduction with confidence. State your Name, city, country, your Hobbies & why you want to appear in this show.
  8. Auditions will be from 24th September to 27th September, 2019 (12 PM onwards)
  9. If you want to perform a dare that requires props, bring them at your own discretion.
  10. If you want to show your modeling, acting, singing talent, you are welcome but remember it’s your camera confidence and daring ability that counts.
  11. You will not only be tested on your accomplishment of a dare but also your ability to react in unusual situations.

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