Ducky Bhai Gets Slapped By Wife Aroob: Netizens Respond 

27th June, 2024

Saad Rehman, widely known as Ducky Bhai, has once again set the internet abuzz with his latest YouTube vlog. Uploaded just 16 hours ago, the video has already garnered more than 1.5 million views, sparking intense online discussions.

Photo: Samaa TV

In his recent 13-minute and 41-second vlog, Ducky collaborates with his wife, Aroob Jatoi, to prank her mother. The prank revolves around a staged argument intended to convince Aroob’s mother that Ducky Bhai is communicating with other women. The video captures escalating tensions as Aroob passionately argues with Ducky Bhai, and her mother attempts to mediate the situation.

The most talked-about moment in the vlog occurs when Aroob unexpectedly slaps Ducky Bhai during their heated exchange to heighten the prank’s authenticity. This surprising act quickly went viral, generating significant attention and igniting debates across social media platforms.

The response to the viral vlog has been mixed among viewers. While some have criticized the couple for their dramatic antics and accused them of sensationalism for views and financial gain, others have appreciated the video’s entertainment value. Discussions and comments online vary widely, with suggestions for future pranks involving the couple’s relationship dynamics.