Director Sikandar Shah Reveals Untold Story of Humayun Saeed & Samina’s Marriage

29th June, 2024

In a recent interview, Pakistani television and film director Sikandar Shah shared intriguing insights into the marriage of superstar Humayun Saeed and his wife, Samina.

Photo: Pinterest

Shah recounted that he and Saeed were scouting locations for a drama shoot in Karachi’s Tariq Road area when they came across a bungalow owned by Samina. Little did they know that this bungalow would become the backdrop for a love story unfolding.

As they started filming, Shah observed how quickly romance bloomed between Saeed and Samina, who was living in the bungalow with her mother and daughter, Sana Shahnawaz, now often seen alongside Humayun Saeed.

Despite Samina’s previous marriage, Saeed made the decision to marry her, fully embracing not just Samina but also her daughter, Sana. This decision was supported by Saeed’s close friends, who stood by him even when Shah was away.

Upon his return, Shah was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to what he initially believed was Saeed’s cousin’s wedding. To his delight, he discovered that Samina was the bride, and he couldn’t have been happier for the couple.

In a recent interview, Humayun Saeed clarified that while he and Samina do not have biological children together, he considers Sana Shahnawaz as his daughter, emphasizing her integral role in their family for the past 25 years.