Celebrity Game Night During Last Ashra of Ramadan Draws Criticism

02nd April, 2024

Ramadan, known as the month of blessings, prayers, and ibadah, holds profound significance for Muslims worldwide. It’s a time when believers seek forgiveness, engage in acts of worship, and strive to incorporate positive changes into their lives. However, this year’s Ramadan brings with it unique challenges, particularly for Muslims facing economic hardships and witnessing atrocities in places like Gaza.

In such trying times, the recent celebrity game night during Ramadan has sparked controversy and criticism. Kinza Hashmi’s recent gathering, marked by joviality and camaraderie, drew ire from many who found such celebrations inappropriate, particularly during the solemn last Ashra of Ramadan. Concerns were raised regarding attire and physical contact, deemed incompatible with the month’s sanctity.

Have a look at the video of the celebrity game night below:


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Many social media users took to the comment section and voiced their displeasure with the celebrities enjoying game night rather than spending the night in prayer. One wrote, “How we have converted purpose of Ramadan,” Another wrote, “Shame on these ppl..!! This is the last Ashra..!!! and they are busy playing..!!”