BOL Kaffara Becomes The Go-To Musical Tune Of India And Pakistan

03rd March, 2021

BOL Beats has released its second soundtrack BOL Kaffara in the melodious voices of Zaain-ul-Abideen and Anilka Gill.

The original song “BOL Kaffara” has more than 85 million views on YouTube, one of the most viewed songs ever released in Pakistan. The original track was sung by Sehar Gul Khan for BOL Entertainment’s drama serial “Parlour Wali Larki”.

Zaain and Anilka, two singers, have incorporated the sounds and elements of folk music with the contemporary use of western instruments. Bol Kaffara by BOL Beats is one of a kind, with the sound of the guitar, harmonium, and the magical voice of the singers.

Following its release, the song captured the hearts of listeners all over the world, especially in India.

After hearing BOL Beats’ BOL Kaffara in Zaain and Anilka’s voices, one can’t stop singing the track.

The song has received a lot of positive feedback on YouTube. BOL Kaffara by BOL Beats has instantly become everyone’s favorite song. Indians are enthralled by the song and have fallen head over heels for it.

Everyone has forgotten all the Indian singers after they listened to BOL Kaffara.