BOL Beats To Give Hard Times To T-Series Mixtape

31st January, 2021

BOL has finally announced the launching of Pakistan’s first music franchise BOL Beats, a forum devoted to extolling music through the launch of young talent hailed by Pakistan’s largest veteran musicians.

BOL Beats will give new Pakistani singers the chance to showcase their singing talents to the world. The songs will take place in the hearts of all music lovers, not only in the country, but also around the world.

BOL Beats will unleash original songs performed by young talents along with seasoned performers.

BOL Beats To Give Tough Time To T-Series Mixtape:

Indian artists have always killed the tracks, either the so-called originals or the remixes. India’s largest music label, T-Series, had previously launched a music show called the Mixtape, which had assembled the singers to ruin the songs by compiling two or more songs together.

The Indian singers used auto-tune to make their voice sound melodic, or some of the singers just lip-synced to the tracks.

Mixtape turned out to be a major flop around the world. BOL Beats will, though, have original tracks that will be a masterpiece. Defining musical performances would make you feel the original essence of a song.

In comparison to Mixtape, BOL Beats will be endorsing new artists and launching new tracks. From pop to Sufi Kalam, you’re going to listen to all sorts of music.

BOL will shortly unleash the much awaited BOL Beats as the musical teaser has appeared on numerous social media platforms.

The theme of the show in the teaser looks spectacular, particularly the choice of its colors, which makes the wait for the first song much more exciting.

BOL Beats Teaser: