BOL Beats: Shah-e-Madina becomes everyone’s favorite

05th February, 2021

Shah-e-Madina has many covers, but the one released by BOL Beats in the soulful voice of Naeem Abbas Rufi is indeed one of the kind.

Season 1 of BOL Beats recently released its first single, Shah-e-Madina, and in no time, the naat has become everyone’s favorite new release of 2021.

After listening to BOL Beats’ Shah-e-Madina, one can not resist reciting the naat. The soulfulness of the naat has been multiplied by Rufi’s voice along with the melodious Rubab tune.

Shortly after it was released, more than 2000 people listened to Shah-e-Madina by BOL Beats.

BOL has pledged to provide Pakistanis with more quality music for their everyday playlists by introducing BOL Beats. The platform is dedicated to celebrating music by introducing new talent complimented by Pakistan’s biggest veteran musicians.