BOL Beats Makes Everyone Forget India’s MTV Unplugged

05th February, 2021

The first track of BOL Beats Season 1 “Shah-e-Madina” in Naeem Abbas Rufi’s soulful voice has finally been released and the response by the viewers is tremendous.

The naat received an overwhelming amount of love and appreciation from the netizens within just a few hours of its release. Naeem Abbas Rufi’s soulful voice immediately won the hearts of people and brought their souls closer to the Almighty and His beloved Prophet (PBUH).

The addition of the instrument “Rubab”, one of the national musical instruments of Afghanistan and other areas inhabited by the Pashtun and Baloch people. It proliferated throughout West, Central, South, and Southeast Asia, has highlighted Rufi’s voice more in the first track of BOL Beats season 1.

The inclusion of the ‘Rubab’ instrument, one of Afghanistan’s national musical instruments, and other places populated by the Pashtun and Baloch people, in the first track of BOL Beats season 1, has highlighted Rufi’s voice more beautifully.

The first track by BOL Beats is loved by music lovers from around the world and many of them said that the recitation of Shah-e-Madina in the voice of Rufi was better than all the Indian singers and musicians.

In addition, BOL Beats has given all the Indian musical shows, especially MTV unplugged and T-series Mix Tape, a tough competition.

The season is the 1st edition of the coveted show and is spearheaded by the music producer’s team of BOL Entertainment who produced record-breaking songs such as BOL Kaffara (82 million views) and Rabbaway (14 million views). The show has started with a spiritual performance featuring Naeem Abbas Rufi.

What makes BOL Beats better than MTV Unplugged is the originality of the songs sung by the most professional singers and new artists.

BOL Beats has made a statement with the release of Shah-e-Madina that it is the greatest music show ever released in Pakistan as well as in the world!