BOL Beats: First track of the season all set to release tomorrow

04th February, 2021

BOL Beats’ ‘Shah e Madina’ is all set to make headlines tomorrow with the soulful voice of Naeem Abbas Rufi.

BOL evokes suspense every time. That’s a different matter, whether people expect it to be good or bad. Yet each new program’s launch is greeted with enthusiasm. BOL Beats is no different from that.

The season is the first edition of the prestigious show and is led by BOL Entertainment’s music producer team, which created record-breaking songs such as BOL Kaffara and Rabbaway. A spiritual performance that will star Naeem Abbas Rufi will begin the show. BOL Beats sought something new.

Not only is the song sacred because it features the way our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) adorned the world, but the words revolve about paying homage to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and how he rose and burned a candle for the world full of darkness.

On the auspicious occasion of Kashmir Day, the show is scheduled to premiere on BOL Entertainment’s social media platforms. Stay tuned!