Barbra Streisand’s Emotional Performance Strikes a Chord with Audiences

25th February, 2024

Barbra Streisand moved hearts and brought tears to many during the 2024 SAG Awards on Saturday, where she was presented with the SAG Life Achievement Award.

The iconic Funny Girl star’s emotional acceptance speech left A-listers such as Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, and Joey King visibly moved.

Graced with a standing ovation and a floral tribute for her contributions to Hollywood, Streisand began her heartfelt monologue by expressing gratitude to SAG, humorously noting the unique certainty of receiving the award “because you know in advance you’re going to get it.”

“I’m very proud to be a member for over 60 years. I can’t quite believe it,” she added.

Continuing her speech, Barbra fondly reminisced about the initial moment she laid eyes on Marlon Brando on the silver screen, instantly declaring him “the most captivating actor.”

She also talked about how much she loved films and stated, “That make-believe world was much more pleasant than anything I was experiencing. I didn’t like reality.”.

“I wanted to be in the movies, even though I knew I didn’t look like any of the other women on the screen. My mother said, ‘You better learn to type,’ but I didn’t listen,” she continued.

Wrapping up her speech, she expressed gratitude and observed, “And somehow, someway — thank you, God — it all came true.”