‘Bado Badi’ Famed Wajdan Rao on Her Demand from Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

11th June, 2024

Model Wajdan Rao, renowned for her role in the viral song “Bado Badi,” made a surprising demand while appearing as a special guest on Fiza Ali’s show. The young model divulged ongoing issues with the well-known Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, injecting a new twist into their unfolding saga.

Photo: Review.it

During the interview, Fiza Ali probed Wajdan about potential future collaborations with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. To the astonishment of many, Wajdan stated she would only consider working with him again if he agreed to pay her 50 lacs for the shoot. This disclosure left the host visibly taken aback, prompting her to remark on the significant sum. Wajdan clarified that the 50 lacs demand was specific to Chahat, but she might reconsider the amount for other collaborators.

Wajdan Rao further elaborated on the rationale behind her demand. Despite Chahat Fateh Ali Khan earning a substantial 7 million rupees from their chart-topping track “Bado Badi,” she received a mere Rs4,000 and an additional Rs1,000 for sustenance during the arduous five-hour shoot. She expressed disappointment, revealing unfulfilled promises of higher compensation if the song succeeded.
Continuing the controversy, Wajdan accused Chahat of harassment, alleging inclusion of an offensive old picture of her in the music video to dissuade her from seeking rightful compensation. She appealed to fans for support and warned Chahat of potential consequences if any harm befell her or her family.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, originally named Kashif Rana, gained recognition on Pakistani social media with his rendition of the classic song “Bado Badi” by Noor Jehan. The song went viral, accumulating 26 million views within a month. However, the viral track was eventually removed from YouTube due to alleged copyright issues, as the original song belongs to the legendary Noor Jehan.