Ayeza Khan under hot water for endorsing Fairness Cream

08th October, 2020

Colorism is discrimination based on skin color. Many people around the globe treat people with dark skin shade differently (negatively).

There was a time when women were judged by their skin color and “fair” complexioned females were only referred to as “beautiful”.

Many things have changed as time passed, but there are a few things that remain unsolved, and “colorism” is one of them.

Living in the 21st century, Pakistanis have changed their mindset along with the time, however, fair complexion is still considered as the definition of beauty.

The Pakistani entertainment industry has started to raise their voice against “colorism” in the industry as well as in society.

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On the other hand, many Pakistani actresses including Ayeza Khan are still endorsing fairness beauty creams. For that, the Mere Pass Tum Ho actress landed in hot water and netizens could not stop criticizing her.

Ayeza Khan, who is known for her simplicity, endorsed a fairness beauty cream which has been banned in several countries.

Netizens, especially her fans, were left upset after watching Ayeza giving her success credits to the fairness beauty cream and endorsing something that could be dangerous for many.

The Meherposh star was bashed in the comments section, have a look.