Anilka’s Melodious Voice In Bol Kaffara Will Make You Forget Neha Kakkar

04th March, 2021

BOL Beats has released its second track BOL Kaffara in the soulful voices of Anilka Gill and Zaain ul Abideen.

Just after a few days of its release, the song has become everyone’s favorite track of the year. The original song BOL Kaffara, sung by Sehar Gul Khan, for BOL Entertainment’s hit drama serial “Parlour Wali Larki” has more than 85 million views on YouTube.

However, Zaain and Anilka have added more flavors to the song by adding tunes of folk and western music.

The singer, Anilka Gill, is a young and an emerging artist who showcased her talent to the world through BOL Entertainment’s BOL Beats.

BOL Beats has given her the platform to engrave her name in the music industry. Unlike India, where singers need singing contests to get noticed.

You all must know about the Indian singer Neha Kakkar? But do you know Neha Kakkar had participated in Indian Idol’s second season in which she was eliminated early?

However, Neha is now a household name, but her popularity simply doesn’t belong to her skills. The Garmi singer uses different software like auto-tune to make her voice sound melodious, however, Pakistani singer Anilka Gill has a God-gifted soulful voice.

Once you will hear BOL Kaffara by BOL Beats, you will surely forget who Neha Kakkar is. Anilka’s voice will tug at your heartstrings and will give you goosebumps.