America Ferrera’s Gothic Barbie Look at SAG After Oscars Snub

25th February, 2024

At the 2024 SAG Awards, America Ferrera made a splash on the red carpet. Wearing a couture Dior gown that seemed to take her straight out of a storybook, she exuded confidence and elegance.

Known for her Barbie roles, the actress this evening embraced a different type of power, channeling her inner princess with a refined yet fun touch.

Collaboration between Ferrera and Dior, the black wool and silk crepe dress featured exquisite white organza sleeves that billowed dramatically around her arms and a structured bodice that hugged her waist.

The floor-length skirt presented a hint of Hollywood glitz, while the contrasting textures and fabrics made for an eye-catching ensemble. Ferrera adorned herself with almost 30 carats of De Beers diamonds, which included a stunning choker weighing over 20 carats.

But Ferrera’s demeanor was what really made the outfit magical. “A princess fairytale moment,” she said, describing the dress in her appearance with E!’s Live from the Red Carpet. “Princess fairytale Barbie that’s me!” she exclaimed. Her cheeky self-awareness gave the high-fashion ensemble a distinctively her own touch of humor and personality.

Both admirers and fashion experts praised Ferrera’s appearance right away. Her glowing confidence and the way her clothing precisely reflected her personality were praised by many.

Some even referred to it as the “ultimate princess moment” of the evening, while others were amused by the novel take on the conventional red carpet look.

Ferrera’s selection of Dior is noteworthy as well. The fashion brand has a long tradition of outfitting strong women, frequently showcasing originality and femininity in its designs.