Entertainment Channel

After introducing BOL News, Pakistan’s #1 News Channel, BOL revolutionized the way Pakistani audience experiences entertainment through TV by bringing BOL Entertainment.

BOL Entertainment focuses on bringing High-Quality content suitable to the diversified audience of Pakistan, which is entertaining as well as providing a family-friendly TV viewing experience to the Pakistani masses. BOL puts forward adherence to Pakistani culture and heritage, therefore, BOL Entertainment’s refined content promotes these values not only within Pakistan but to the world. The premium quality content is entertaining and educational to the viewers but also features the biggest names of Pakistani Entertainment industry.

About Bol Entertainment


With the aim of entering in to the “BOL” era of the Pakistani entertainment media industry, the state-of-the-art infrastructure for BOL Entertainment is already being established at a prime location in Karachi covering 26 acres of land. The Grand Ultra-Modern structure of BOL Entertainment Studios consists of one Central Executive Office Building and seven technologically sophisticated and spacious Studio Blocks.


Each of the seven well-equipped Studio Blocks contains multiple iconic studios ranging in various sizes and themes. These high-rise studios are 40 ft. tall along with multiple spectacular galleries at a grand height of 20 ft. The revolutionary structure includes private comfortable green rooms, separate controls rooms and luxurious makeup rooms with extravagant wardrobe areas to provide a comfortable environment to the BOLwalas. BOL Entertainment Studios provide a well-controlled environment with virtually every production service available right at your fingertips.


BOL offers an exciting lifestyle to its employees that is on a par with the salary and benefits it offers. After fulfilling promises of providing a lavish lifestyle to thousands of BOLwalas at BOListan, BOL is developing first-ever world-class Entertainment Studios in Pakistan with unimaginable and incomparable facilities, aiming to elevate the lifestyle of entertainment industry personnel in Pakistan.


A New Era in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

Families ka Number 1

Every media outlet of the world produces programs keeping in view its country’s specific cultural and civic values. Pakistan is a deeply conservative and religious society and it’s incumbent upon the country’s media outlets to respect its citizens’ religious and conventional sensibilities. It’s ironic, however, that most, if not all, content that they see on their TV screens is not reflective of their societal values and culture.

Khawaten Ka Number 1

If women were to ask which their favorite time slot on television is, they would say in unison: 8pm to 9pm as the one hour is dedicated to their favorite show: drama. Without a doubt, drama serials on the myriad TV channels happen to be most of Pakistani women’s favorite pastime.

Bacho Ka Number 1

For any channel, taking care of children’s specific viewing needs is an uphill task, with most of the media outlets only relying on cartoons and other animated films to entertain them. Bol Entertainment will cater to the children in a holistic way, by doing shows that educate as well as entertainment them.